Monthly Archives: July 2011

New Trucks Arrive

It’s an exciting new phase for JMA as their impressive new liveried trucks arrive in Bolton; not one, not two but three fabulous Renault Premiums. Director Jon says, “This is an exciting first for JMA as we’ve never had brand new trucks on the fleet before. It will be great for the company. These trucks have all the latest technology to reduce exhaust emissions, so we’re minimising our impact on the environment too.”. The new trucks will have to work hard! JMA Transport runs 24 hours a day,...
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Mr Hammond takes us Seriously

It is good to see that our man at the ministry, Stephen Hammond MP, does take our industry seriously; and wants to know about the needs of all road users, including hauliers. A couple of weeks ago, the RHA’s Director of Policy, Jack Semple, acting chief executive, Nick Payne, and myself met with the Minister a few days after he had been driven round the streets of London by RHA member Peter Eason of ELB Partners. This gave Mr Hammond the opportunity to see, first-hand, the problems...
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