Reliable Next Day Delivery

I thought it was worthwhile drafting a letter of thanks from all her for your continued support and service that we have received over the past 10 years. We have been through many changes in the way our final product is delivered to our customers and I’m sure at times this has had a knock on effect with the way that you have had to react and change your working methods however in terms of us, getting the job done you have once again always come up with the goods on a regular basis.

I also would like to mention the specialist bespoke exhibition work that you have undertaken in difficult locations with specialist equipment required for delivery which has also seen you embark on European ventures which again proved testing at times bit it is re assuring to know that you give as much thought to your part in the chain as what we have in delivering and presenting a final product to a European audience.

Looking to the future we look forward to maintaining this excellent working relationship that has been established and receiving the high levels of service that have benefited from over the years.

Please pass our thanks to all your staff at all levels for their efforts on our behalf it is much appreciated.

Newfit Manager